Flickr upload tool for KDE

After shelling out 25$ for a account I needed a Linux based uploading tool. After several unsuccessful attempt to install for Linux by Michele Campeotto, and Flickrfs - i finally stumbled upon a blog post by Phil Wilson that solved all my problems:

is a simple, efficient and easy to install Flickr uploading tool for the Linux KDE desktop environment. Supports tags, descriptions privacy settings and batch operations - most importantly, it has saved me from the horror of the Flickr Upload page.

I'm putting up this post, since it took me quiet a while to find Phil's page and Kflickr, I'm hoping this page will make it a bit easier.

Imageshack Transloader used to offer a simple java tool enabling you to quickly rehost any image from the website you are currently viewing without downloading it first.

After dragging a snipplet of java your bookmark toolbar, clicking it would display all the images on your currently viewed page. Clicking an image would automatically host it on ImageShack.
I'm guessing that ImageShack decided that this Transloader was cutting into their advertising profits, because it was removed quiet some time ago from their "tools" page.

The transloader can still be found here on ImageShack, Though I can't seem to find a link to the transloader page from anywhere in ImageShack.

Migrating to wordpress

As of today, has migrated to Wordpress.
The previous site engine was a homegrown, and very high maintenance PHP engine. Since posting and editing in my old engine were too time consuming - the site barely got any updates. Wordpress should help fix that problem.

Obviously, there will be some growing pains, and as you can see, most of the previous site content is offline. Old articles will be added retroactively, and I'm hoping to get the image and computer mod galleries back up soon.

The old site is still available here.

Thanks for your patience.