Getting Gmail java app on Motorola i760

gmail on i760My i760 came without a proper web-browser - so I could not download the Gmail java app through the phone, or access to check my mail.

The solution to this problem is downloading the Gmail java application files from the google servers here:
Then upload them to your phone using a data cable, and a J2ME media loader application like myJal. Depending on the software you use, you may have to rename the above files so that they have identical filenames (i.e. rename "gm-Generic-Advanced_MIDP2.jad" to "gmail-g.jad" - do not change the extensions!)

Once you load the files up to your phone "gmail" should appear in you Java applications folder. Clicking "gmail" will preform a short installation process, after which you will be prompted for your Gmail user-name and password. Once you enter your information, you'll be logged on to your Gmail account and able to read and write mail!