Image previews not showing up in konqueror and kFlickr

I just got a new digital camera, and was annoyed that for some odd reason, konqueror and kFlickr were no longer showing image previews for pictures taken with the new camera.

The solution for this problem was simple - apparently, konqueror has a configureable limit to the size of file it displays previews of. This setting can easily be changed in konqueror through:
Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> Previews & Meta Data -> Maximum file size.

Turns out, that all the pictures from my 2 Mega Pixel cellphone camera were under 1MB in size, while the pictures from my new digital camera (set at 3 Mega Pixels) were just over 1MB. The default setting for previewable file size in my distribution was 1MB - hence the problem.

Changing the settings in konqueror also immediately solved the problem in kFlickr.