Imageshack Transloader used to offer a simple java tool enabling you to quickly rehost any image from the website you are currently viewing without downloading it first.

After dragging a snipplet of java your bookmark toolbar, clicking it would display all the images on your currently viewed page. Clicking an image would automatically host it on ImageShack.
I'm guessing that ImageShack decided that this Transloader was cutting into their advertising profits, because it was removed quiet some time ago from their "tools" page.

The transloader can still be found here on ImageShack, Though I can't seem to find a link to the transloader page from anywhere in ImageShack.


  1. The reason it was removed is because its broken for all version of Internet Explorer 6.0.2900 and above. For firefox, there is a tool called the ImageShack Extension, which performs the same function, and is available at

  2. The firefox extension doesn't work for 3.0 or higher. This transloader bookmarklet works great on 3.5b4pre. :)

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