phpWebsite CafePress Integration Module

phpWebsite CafePress Mod ScreenShotThe CafePress Integration Module for phpWebsite will allow you to display your CafePress shop (basic or premium) within your phpWebsite driven site.

Keeping visitors on your site is important, especially if you are trying to sell something. This module will allow your visitors to shop in your CafePress store without leaving your site until the final checkout.

The screen shot shows the module in action under phpWebsite's default theme, though it should work just fine with any other theme.
I wrote this module based on Mark McClelland's "PHP-NUKE CafePress Addon" for the Molecular Shirts and Shirt Wisdom websites I help run. I decided to publish it after receiving a request for it via e-mail.

The current version 0.1 is obviously a beta - please keep me posted about any bugs you find or problems you have with it.

phpWebsite CafePress Integration Module v0.1 - Download

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