Sharing the Xerox 6125 N With Linux clients

In this post I will describe how to share a Xerox 6125 or 6125N printer with a Linux machine through a windows host.

The Xerox 6125 (or 6125N) is an amazing deal - a 300$ network-enabled color laser printer.
Unfortunately, this great price tag comes with one major downside - absolutely no linux compatibility WHATSOEVER.
The Xerox 6125 uses a Host Based PDL and as opposed to most Xerox machines - does not support Postscript or PCL printing languages. Xerox has not released any proprietary drivers for it, and for this reason the Open printing database has categorized it as a paperweight.

There is, however, a way around this - if you have at least one windows machine on your network. By creating a virtual postscript printer, and routing its output to the Xerox 6125 through the windows driver - you can share the printer with any machine capable of printing postscript - namely any major Linux distribution (and mac-os X of course!).

Henrik Schmiediche has written a great guide to setting up a virtual gostscript printer on your windows machine - wich can be found here or mirrored in PDF format here.
Once you have set up your virtual postscript printer, and shared it over the network - set up your linux clients to print to it - either using the same driver as the virtual printer, or the generic "Raw Queue" driver (The HP Color Laserjet 4550 PS suggested in the article works great - make sure you use the postscript version of the driver!).


  1. If this works well. You might able to set up a windows in a vmplayer to do the job. All in one Linux box.... I have a friend have this printer, but he is a windows guy, won't try this trick for me.

  2. I've got the Xerox Phaser 6125 working on Ubuntu 8.10 64bits.
    The trick is to install te printerdriver of the Fuji-Xerox DocuPrint C525.
    The only problem is, that I can only print 1 page at the time, but there must be a solution, but where.

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