FlickrTouchrThreaded - Download all your Flickr Photos FAST!

CC-BY: Agustín Ruiz
FlickrTouchr is a nifty little python script that lets you automatically download your whole Flickr photostream. Unfortunately, I found that it worked rather slowly - and traffic would plummet to zero between images.

Enter FlickrToucherThreaded! This modified new version of FlickrTouchr allows simultaneous downloading of multiple images, using concurrent download threads. The number of threads is user configurable - in order to allow optimization for each individuals connection and CPU.

FlickrToucherThreaded Version 0.1 is available for download here.

FlickrToucherThreaded is based on FlickrToucher - originally by Colm MacCarthaigh, and improved by Dan Benjamin. Both scripts are distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.

I intend to continue developing this script in the near future, coming soon:
Cleaner Thread Shutdown.
Configurable default image size.
Incorporation of improvements by tonyduckles.

So stay tuned!

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